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About us

We created Wired for Nature in response to an increasing demand for nature-connection therapeutic services and to provide landscape design services based on biophilic principles. 


Wired for Nature refers to humans' neurological connection with the natural environment, that is, through the long path of human evolution our brains have been hard-wired to respond to stimuli from the natural environmental. 


In psychological terms, this connection is known as biophilia [literally, "love of nature"]. 


Research has demonstrated the benefits of nature connection for people's wellbeing and has also recorded the problems that arise when that connection is disrupted.

Our goal is the help people re-connect, through both designing beautiful and restorative spaces, or through creating and delivering programs in horticultural therapy and other nature-connect therapies which are based on evidence-based psychological treatment strategies.

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Phillip Hartin is a registered psychologist with a long career in organisational change, performance management, education and individual counselling.  He applies a range of human behavioural strategies in informing the design of Wired for Nature's engagement programs to ensure program goals and practices are evidence-based and client-centred.

Leigh McGaghey is a landscape architect who has been creating gardens and landscapes for many years.  These skills, together with extensive experience in adult education management and delivery; experience and qualifications in diversional therapy and change strategy, underpin the programs she designs with Phillip for Wired for Nature.     Leigh works with other landscape architects, designers, and contractors in the creation of therapeutic and sensory gardens.


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