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We provide a range of services for organisations, institutions, community groups and individuals:

  • design and delivery of horticultural therapy programs and education

  • nature engagement programs to connect individuals/small groups with the natural environment as part of rehabilitation, mental health, or social welfare programs

  • consultancy support to allied health workers in preparing person-centred, treatment plans

  • assessment and review of sites for creating a therapeutic/sensory garden

Watering Indoor Plants


What's the difference between gardens and landscapes?

We think of gardens as places where people get their hands dirty, where they nurture their plants, they trial different plants and designs, they change them, they often fail, they frequently succeed - but overall the garden is an extension of themselves, a safe place to reflect without ruminating, to re-charge the batteries or the soul without a need to succeed or compete, but just to watch and help things grow and soak up the comfort and inclusivity of a natural space.  


We work with people to help them achieve such a place of their own, be it on a balcony, a kitchen window sill, a tiny inner-city courtyard, or an ordinary backyard.  A garden is designed by our clients, with our guidance, so it truly becomes their own.

We think of landscapes as more objective spaces, where individuals or groups of people might gather, or visit, occasionally or often.  They may have little - or a lot - of involvement in the creation of the space.  The landscapes we design embody biophilic design principles and embrace the local ecology; they fulfil the functional needs of those who use them, and are designed to restore and delight those who wander in them. 


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