Why You Need Nature workshop is a great place to start to understand the origins of our neurological and biological connection with nature and how such connection frames how both our mind and body perceives, and responds to, the world. Importantly, we look at the impacts of urbanised life and how to address these impacts through creating your own nature dose

why you need nature workshop

what we do

This 3-hour workshop covers the following:

  • 8 million years of nature -vs- 200 years of urban life: how our brains and bodies developed perceptions of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch in response to the natural environment stimulii and how these key senses frame how we interact with our environments.

  • Our urban lives - just what is it about the fabric of our cities and suburbs which has the potential to negatively impact our health, well-being and cognition.

  • Stress, anxiety, depression - according to the World Health Organisation, these are the greatest threats to health in the 21st century.  We look at how these unwelcome side effects of the Industrial and Digital Revolutions have come to be, and how a nature hit can offset their impacts.


  • Brain fog, memory loss, mental fatigue - research has attributed these states to continual immersion in urbanised environments, but we find out how to avoid and alleviate these problems through an appropriate 'nature dose'.

  • It's not all talk and chalk - we have some hands-on activities guaranteed to get you re-appraising yourself in the context of the natural world.

Included in the workshop is a short break with some essential coffee, tea and healthy bites. ​

who's it for

Anyone interested in:

  • their physical and mental health and well-being

  • the neurological processes of our brains which directly influence our feelings and behaviours

  • how our physical environments influence our mood, cognition, memory, creativity


Anyone curious about the science-based nature therapies such as Forest Bathing, Shinrin-yoku and the myriad programs emanating from Asia, Europe and USA. 


No prior knowledge required.  Please note, although this workshop contains discussions on psychological states, the content is general in nature and is not intended as specific therapy. 

what are the benefits?

The content is serious but we aim to share it in relaxed way that makes it interesting and fun and will have you understanding how your brain is wired to respond to stimulii, both natural and human-made, which can influence your ideas, creations, solutions to problems and your capacity to cope with stress.


You'll also learn how to 're-set' your tired, over-worked brain and discover the far-reaching impact of the 'second brain' [the gut and its multitude of inhabitants]. 


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