nature for creatives workshop

what we do

This 3-hour workshop covers the following:

  • 8 million years of nature -vs- 200 years of urban life: how our brains and bodies developed perceptions of sight, sound, smell, taste and touch and how these key senses frame how we interact with our environments - and why it matters so much to you and your Followers/Likers/#taggers

  • burnout and writer's block - why it is your brain lets you down when you need it most

  • thinking fatigue - how your creativity and attention can be compromised by continual immersion in urbanised environments and how it can be re-booted by exposure to critical elements of nature.

  • performance anxiety - how our physical work environment can increase stress.

  • go with the flow - our brains in the zone; how nature fosters that experience of extreme, effortless creative focus called flow

  • hate all those bugs and dirt out in the great outdoors? solutions for urban diehards and nature deny-ers.

Included in the workshop is a short break with some essential coffee, tea and healthy bites. ​

who's it for


innovators, leaders, artists, designers, writers, poets, musicians, graphic artists, programmers, app developers, anyone who works in organisations and businesses where you need to think laterally and come up with innovative solutions, anyone seeking to understand how creativity can be fostered and work stress and pressures alleviated.

what are the benefits?

the content is serious but we aim to share it in relaxed way that makes it interesting and fun and will have you understanding how your brain is wired to respond to stimulii, both natural and human-made, which can influence your ideas, creations, solutions to problems and your capacity to cope with stress. You'll also

learn how to 're-set' your tired, over-worked brain and discover the far-reaching impact of the 'second brain' [the gut and its multitude of inhabitants]. 


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