kids need nature workshop

What we do:

This 3-hour workshop covers the following:

  • how a child's brain is made - and why you need to know this!

  • she's not called Mother Nature for nothing: how nature creates, nurtures, influences and moulds a child's brain and behaviour:

    • the key senses​ of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste

    • ode to the mudbath - why a child's developing gut [the second brain!] needs a healthy dose of dirt

    • thinking outside the box! - an apt phrase for creativity, lateral thinking and imagination building.  And guess what? there's no boxes in nature!

  • beyond the blue light - how to offset the digital overload without pulling the plug. 


Included in the workshop is a short break with some essential coffee, tea and healthy bites. ​

Who's it for:

Ideal for parents, carers, educators - anyone who is interested in the formative development of a child's brain, the consequent creation of the key senses of sight, sound, smell, touch and taste and how exposure to nature at critical development points augments these senses. 


What are the benefits?

Delivered in an easy style, with just the right amount of scientific terminology, this workshop will provide you with clear insights into the importance of nature-play and the role of nature in not only developing the key senses, but also how nature engagement lays the groundwork for robust physical health, mental adaptability, creativity and resilience.

We aim to make this workshop fun, interactive and not too serious but still provide you with a depth of understanding that will help you provide the very best of positive, nature-appropriate experiences for any child. 


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Father and Son
In the Forest
Jumping in Puddles