who we are


Phillip Hartin is a registered  psychologist with an extensive background in the private and public sectors. HIs work has ranged from individual psychological consulting to large organisational change management.


Leigh McGaghey is a landscape architect whose career spans commercial, government and residential project work together with environmental education and applied therapeutic horticulture.

Leigh's work in therapeutic horticulture has been applied in Phillip's development of psychological therapy strategies for individuals, evolving into a broader application of science-based nature therapies.


Our services are based on current, evidence-based neuroscience research which supports the case for the physiological and psychological benefits of an appropriate 'nature dose'.  We're keen to raise awareness about the ongoing challenges to mental health and well-being resulting from our increasingly urbanised, digital lives.  We're also passionate about sharing and promoting the proven strategies which can benefit creativity, adaptation and resilience from early childhood through to later age.

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